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This command will run for a while, and ask you repeatedly if it's okay to run "chocolateyInstall.ps1", which you will have to do to proceed. Once the above command has completed, you have all the software prerequisites installed and on your PATH. Well, once you quick quit PowerShell and launch a new CMD.EXE or PowerShell window, of course (wink)


If the vote passes

  • Send a recap "[VOTE][RESULT]" email to the vote thread on the dev list with the vote counts.

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     svn mv

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     svn checkout --depth immediates 

    and update the KEYS file there to be the same as the one used for release. (The download page has links pointing to this file).

  • Release the Maven artifacts ( step 4)
  • Wait for the release artifacts to appear in these locations:
  • Update the website (e.g. http
    Note: the index and oldnews pages are sorted by date. Thus the new announcement pops up to the top of the page.
    • Update download page (update "[define v]" macro for the new version)
    • Move old announcement to oldnews page.
    • Add announcement for the new release to the front page (index).
    • Update whichversion page (the current version number).
    • Update migration page (versions in "configuration file differences" comparison form).
      • Notable changes that change behaviour and may require action when upgrading from the previous release may be added to the "noteable changes" section on the migration page.
    • Update doap_Tomcat.rdf file (version number and release date).
    • Update the docs (see http
    • Also update docs/tomcat-[v]-doc/changelog.html to set the release date to the date the files were copied to the release area in yyyy-MM-dd format ("beta, 2007-02-28" for betas).
  • Announce the release (e.g. to users@t.a.o, cc dev@t.a.o, announce@t.a.o, announce@a.o
  • Update the release date in the version-branch's changelog to the date the files were copied to the the release area in yyyy-mm-dd format.
    E.g. "released 2013-05-03" (for stable versions), "beta, 2007-02-08" (for betas).
  • Add the version number in Bugzilla ( → Administration → Products / versions)
  • Drop the artifacts for the previous release from
  • Add release data (version and date) to -