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Comment: Minor improvements


  • Perform an git clone and switch to the correct branch
  • (Hint: using ant pre-release  may save you the following three steps, plus steps 2-3 in the Maven release process.)
  • Edit "" and change the lines after "# ----- Reproducible builds -----" to a new value.

    • Note that the value of property is in seconds (unlike the value returned by System.currentTimeMillis() method which is milliseconds, see bug 65527 for how this happened for Tomcat 8.5.70).
      The value can be printed in a Bash shell with the following command:
      date +%s
      To print seconds since epoch, and date and time in human-readable format in UTC time zone:
      date -u '+%s %Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S %Z'
  • Edit "" and change the line version.suffix=-dev to version.suffix=

    • This can be done with sed -i.bak "s/^version.suffix=.*/version.suffix=/"
  • Edit "webapps/docs/changelog.xml" and remove rtext="in development" from the latest version
    • Remember that notepad.exe will remove UTF-8 Byte-Order Marks (BOMs). Use write.exe or Notepad++ instead.
  • Commit these changes
    • git add (if you used 'ant pre-release')
    • git commit -a -m "Tag 9.0.94"
    • git tag 9.0.94
    • git push origin 9.0.94
  • Check the diff mailed to the dev list
  • Reset to the 9.0.x branch (git reset HEAD~ && git checkout && git checkout webapps/docs/changelog.xml && rm -f res/maven/

I found it simplest to keep this clone for tagging to ensure no other edits found their way into the tag.


  • Add a file (or, better yet, keep this file in your ~/ if you have a dedicated build machine) with the following configuration (adjust paths for your environment)