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  • Road map for future development prior to the next round of JavaEE specifications
  • AJP support for HTTP upgrade
  • Make JSR 356 Java WebSocket 1.0 server implementation depend on Tomcat internals
    • No longer container neutral
    • Simpler code
    • Better performance
  • Cookies
  • Tomcat 8 stability
  • TCK status
  • Refactoring request/reponse recycling so Coyote and Catalina request and response and recycled at the same time
  • Add full version information at the start of the log
  • Review current enhancement requests in BugZilla
  • resurrect Juice to provide a OpenSSL provider for tomcat (something to have in tc-native)
  • Change the way Apache Commons DBCP 2 and Pool 2 are consumed (svn copy and then merge subsequent changes)
  • Add support for JSR196 JASPIC
  • mavenization of build
  • Arquillian tests
  • Additions to authentication/realm API to improve extension capabilities (e.g. support bcrypt, pbkdf2, etc.)
  • Monitoring of Tomcat Cluster(Tribes) by mbean.
  • Improvement of Cluster Deployer(FarmWarDeployer).
    • When adding new cluster membe, synchronize the war that is deployed on the master node.
    • Add support for parallel deployment.
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