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Apache Stonehenge Project Wiki


The Apache Stonehenge project has retired and is no longer actively developed or supported. Please contact for any questions about the project status.


What is Apache Stonehenge?

Stonehenge is a set of example applications for Service Oriented Architecture that spans languages and platforms and demonstrates best practices and interoperability.

The aim of the Stonehenge project is to develop a set of sample applications to demonstrate seamless interoperability across multiple underlying platform technologies by using currently defined W3C and OASIS standard protocols. The first of these sample applications is the Stonehenge StockTrader Sample Application.

This is the project's wiki. The project's home page is located at the following URL:

Get Involved

Anyone is welcome to get involved with this project. If you would like to volunteer your time and efforts towards this project, you can begin by walking through the Apache Stonehenge First Steps. Also, be sure to examine the Project Roadmap in order to identify areas of concern with which you may be able to help.

Recent Project Reports



Sample Applications

Stonehenge StockTrader

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