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  • BeanUtils - Utilities for manipulating java beans, including copying properties, cloning, invoking methods and type conversion.
  • Betwixt - Services for mapping JavaBeans to XML documents, and vice versa.
  • Chain - A "Chain of Responsibility" pattern implemention for organizing complex processing flows.
  • CLI - Command Line Interface library for processing command-line options and arguments.
  • Codec - General encoding/decoding algorithms. Includes some phonetic encoders, Hex, Base64, and a URL encoder.
  • Collections - Builds upon the Java Collections Framework of List, Set and Map to provide many more implementations, new collections and abstract base classes.
  • Configuration - Tools to assist in the reading of configuration/preferences files in various formats
  • Compress - Defines an API for working with archives and compression formats including but not limited to: tar,gz, ar, cpio, zip and bzip2 files
  • Daemon - Run (java) applications as windows service or UNIX daemon.
  • DBCP - Database connection pooling services.
  • Digester - An XML-to-Java-object mapping utility commonly used for parsing XML configuration files.
  • Email - Simplify email sending with Java. Built on top of the Java Mail API.
  • Exec - A Java library to execute external processes from within a Java application
  • FileUpload - Makes it easy to add robust, high-performance, file upload capability to your servlets and web applications
  • Functor - Supports functional programming in Java
  • HttpClient - A framework for working with the client-side of the HTTP protocol.
  • IO - Utility classes, stream implementations, file filters and endian classes to assist in input/output operations.
  • JCI - Java Compiler Interface
  • JEXL - A velocity-esque expression interpreter
  • Jelly - An XML-based scripting language
  • JXPath - Facilities for applying xpath expressions to graphs of objects of all kinds: Java beans, Maps, Servlet contexts, DOM etc.
  • Lang - Common utilities that should be provided by the JDK, including String handling, Object and Date helpers, nested exceptions and enumerated types.
  • Launcher - A cross platform Java application launcher which eliminates the need for a batch or shell script to launch a Java class.
  • Logging A thin, modular bridging API with out-of-the-box support for the most well known logging systems.
  • Math Lightweight, self-contained mathematics and statistics components.
  • Modeler Mechanisms to create Model MBeans compatible with the Java Management Extensions (JMX) specification.
  • Net - A collection of classes implementing various network protocols such as FTP, NNTP, SMTP, Telnet.
  • Pool - A generic object pooling interface, a toolkit for creating modular object pools and several general purpose pool implementations.
  • Proxy - A Java library for dynamic proxying
  • SCXML - A Java implementation of State Chart XML (SCXML), currently a W3C Working Draft.
  • Transaction - Utility classes commonly used in transactional programming
  • Validator - Components for user input validation
  • VFS - Extensible framework to acces various filesystems through an unified api with implementations for e.g. sftp, smb, http, zip, ...


  • ClassScan - Read access to the ClassPath of a ClassLoader and metadata about the classes available from a ClassLoader.
  • CLI2 - An experimental rewrite of the Commons CLI API
  • CommonsCsv - Proposed new component
  • Id - Generators for identifiers
  • ME - Provides JaveME helpers, and implementations of JavaSE functionality that JavaME lacks but programmers want
  • Metadata - Proposed new component which provides a class metadata API similar to that of JDK5


  • CommonsConvert - Various conversion ideas extracted from BeanUtils
  • FeedParser - RSS and Atom parsing infrastructure
  • Resources - A lightweight framework for defining and looking up internationalized message strings.

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