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Do you have a simple example where Commons SCXML is used?

Sure, take a look at the stopwatch usecase.

What is a Context? And what is an Evaluator?


Commons SCXML currently provide implementations for JEXL and JSP 2.0 EL.

Which expression languages does the Commons SCXML implementation support?

How do I try out the sample SCXML documents?

The SCXML distribution provides utility classes that offer mock command line environments allowing users to try out samples. The core dependencies for Commons SCXML are Commons Digester (which introduces a transitive dependency on Commons BeanUtils, at the least) and Commons Logging. View the dependencies page for the recommended version numbers. It may be possible to use lower version numbers for the Commons dependencies.


A few examples are available as part of the Commons SCXML test suite (look in env packages as well). Enjoy, and feedback is always welcome.


Commons SCXML uses Commons Logging. See the Commons Logging Website for more details.

Can multiple threads safely interact with an instance of SCXMLExecutor?


Here are two example from our usecases that have nothing to do with voice applications:

What are the core requirements of SCXML? Do I need to include the JSP and Servlet API or the Faces libraries? Do I need to include Commons JEXL or Commons EL?


In addition, you will need to choose an expression language for your SCXML documents. The recommended expression language for the Commons SCXML implementation is JEXL. Using JEXL for expressions introduces a dependency of Commons JEXL. For usecases in JSP-based environments, EL will be a prefered choice over JEXL, and if you choose to use JSP 2.0 EL, that introduces a dependency of Commons EL and a runtime dependency on the JSP API (again, these should come in via the servlet container).

See the dependencies page on the Commons SCXML website for details about the dependency versions.