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Grobid Quantities is a module of Grobid that specialised in the recognition of any expressions of measurements (e.g. pressure, temperature, etc.) in textual documents such as PDF publications.
Measurements are parsed normalised and converted into SI units. 
To use its capabilities with Tika, one must install the server endpoint created for Grobid Quantities to extract measurement units from text passed to it.

Table of Contents

Installing Grobid-quantities


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#set the system property to use GrobidNERecogniser class
cd grobidquantities-parser-resources

java -Dner.impl.class=org.apache.tika.parser.ner.grobid.GrobidNERecogniser -classpath grobidquantities.:tika-parser-resources:tika-appapp-2.8.0.jar:tika-parser-nlp-package-2.8.0.jar org.apache.tika.cli.TikaCLI --config=grobidquantities-parser-resources/tika-config.xml -m