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  • 2019 - April Board Report Draft

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A cloud agnostic library that enables developers to access a variety of cloud providers using one API.

== Project Status ==

TODO - something about donating jclouds-karaf and -cli to the Karaf project to unblock 2.2.0?We are still struggling to release a version that supports Java 8 and newer Guava versions. The main blocker for this has been the dependency on Karaf and the lack of expertise on it by the active community. We've been working with the Karaf community for around a year now, but results have not materialized yet. We think it is not sustainable to have such a hard dependency on jclouds, especially when the active community has no expertise on it and when that dependency is not strictly related to the direct value jclouds provides. For this reason, we are working with the Karaf community and plan to transfer the jclouds-karf and jclouds-cli to them. Our first conversations are positive and we believe that this new home for those projects, although they will be disconnected from the official jclouds release cycle, will provide continued and better support for their existing users.

This transfer also makes sense because Karaf already has some plans to integrate their recent Kloud project with jclouds.

== Community ==TODO

Outside the existing PMC and committers, we have had the usual contribution pace. We've had some contributions to the Azure Blobstore provider with good engagement in the issue tracker, slack and the mailing list by the contributor. We will keep an eye on upcoming contributions.

Last committer: 2018-07-23 (Daniel Estevez)


  • Unblock the release of jclouds 2.2.0, which will provide Java 8 support.
  • Transfer jclouds-karaf and jclouds-cli to the Karaf project.
  • Keep engaging contributors on Slack, and propose them as new committers as appropriate.
  • Monitor the PMC and ensure we have enough resources to properly manage the project.


The last jclouds release, 2.1.12, took place on 20182019-0802-1607.