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Sort will by default sort the body using a default comparator that handles numeric values or uses the string representation. You can provide your own comparator, and even an expression to return the value to be sorted. Sort requires the value returned from the expression evaluation is convertible to java.util.List as this is required by the JDK sort operation.

Using from Java DSL

In the route below it will read the file content and tokenize by line breaks so each line can be sorted.


Code Block
  <from uri="file://inbox"/>
  <sort comparatorRef="myReverseComparator">
    <tokenizer token="\n"/>
  <beanRef ref="MyServiceBean" method="processLine"/>

<bean id="myReverseComparator" class="com.mycompany.MyReverseComparator"/>

Using this pattern


Include Page
CAMEL:Using This Pattern
CAMEL:Using This Pattern