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Please note this page is present for reference only. QMan has been removed and is no longer a released component.

System Overview

Table of Contents


QMan is a bridge that enables remote management of one or more brokers.
Depending on your needs, remote management can be exposed using JMX or WS-DM. The difference between two approaches is that in the first one only a Java client is supported, while WS-DM is language independent and therefore the corresponding management entity (client) should only able to speak WS-DM dialect.
As conseguence of that we will divide the following documentation under two perspectives.

In the picture below you can have a big picture about the working environment where QMan runs :


As you can see QMan supports three different clients :

  • a Java (Application) Client which is using Java Management Extensions (JMX) API for interaction; Note that this could be a standalone application client or a JEE application (Web & Business components);
  • a WS-DM enabled management client which could be an application / middleware / command line tool that is able to communicate with WS-DM dialect;
  • the third client (Web Browser) is not really a management client but it refers to administration console of QMan WS-DM. This is part of QMan Web Application and allows administration / management of QMan itself.