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All sling-  projects will assigned to the Sling permission template on SonarCloud. If you are part of the Sling group on SonarCloud you will be able to execute various administrative actions. To become part of the Sling group, please :


raise an issue with INFRA mentioning your GitHub ID after logging in to using your GitHub account at least once.

The administrative tasks to be performed is quite limited, as SonarCloud only knows two dimensions:

  • Per organization (is managed by ASF INFRA)
  • Per repository (usually not intended as Sling is owning hundreds of repos)
    • potentially every Sling SonarCloud Admin can adjust the permissions per repo, but this is not manageable, therefore all changes should rather be done for all projects through the permissions template (require INFRA involvement)

Therefore being in that group is mainly useful for

Current list of Sling Administrators on SonarCloud: Robert Munteanu , Timothee Maret, Radu Cotescu ., Konrad Windszus 

Note that being part of the Sling Administrators group will not  allow you to onboard projects, that is still a manual process.