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How To Update The ManifoldCF Website

(NOTE: You need committer rights to modify the Website.)

  1. Install a JDK that is 1.7 or above.
  2. Install ant.
  3. Install an svn client, version 1.7 or later.
  4. Install python 2.7+.
  5. Make sure you have write permissions on the directory where Apache Forrest will be checked out and installed, the first time your run Forrest it will attempt to create a plug-ins directory and download several plug-ins.
  6. Check out and prepare to build the current trunk version of Apache Forrest:
    Code Block
    svn co forrest
    (Or, if you want to save time, just install Forrest-0.10-dev or above.)
  7. Change to the main build area:
    Code Block
    cd forrest/main
  8. Build forrest:
    Code Block
  9. Follow the instructions the build gives you to complete the Forrest installation
  10. Checkout the ManifoldCF site code
  11. Change directory to where the site code was checked out.
  12. "ant make-core-deps" will download the necessary build dependencies.
  13. "ant build" will build the current site, including the release documentation from trunk. The generated site will be in ./build/site/.
  14. Make your desired website changes to the source files in ./src/ and regenerate the site with ant.

When you are satisfied with your changes, and want to push them out to the main site mirror, do the following:

  1. Commit your changes to trunk.
  2. Regenerate the site using "ant build".
  3. Check out to the location of your choice (a new workarea).
  1. Execute "python scripts/". The first argument should be "./build/site". The second should be the root of the tree you just checked out.
  2. The site will automatically be exported from by the standard Apache svnpubsub process.

The following steps WERE necessary when the list of previous releases included those generated with Java SDK 1.5 and early versions of 1.6. They are included here for reference:

  1. Download the javadoc patch tool from
  2. Run the tool as follows:
    Code Block
    java -jar JavadocUpdaterTool.jar -R <path>
    . You will need to run the tool on the "api" subdirectory of every release that appears under "./build/site/releases" . For example:
    Code Block
    java -jar JavadocUpdaterTool.jar -R ./build/site/releases/trunk/api