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  • current build.xml for the Ant project
  • I created a buildfile for doing some things more comfortable. The result I called AntUtil. Maybe not the best style, but it shows, that you can do more things with Ant that you thought ...
  • I have a file for WebappBuilding that creates a simple webapp. Suggestions are welcome.
  • JAM is a well structured Ant framework with EJB and Servlet/JSP examples (see templates at the bottom of the page). The whole JAM framework is an example of how to use the features of Ant 1.6 to organize builds in a modular fashion.
  • /JythonAndAnt shows  shows how you can use a scripting language's full-featured expression syntax to implement a flexible expression evaluation and if/then/else mechanism.
  • /ApplyRedirectorExample demonstrates  demonstrates a simple use of redirectors in an <apply> task.
  • CreateDocBookDocumentation demonstrates how to create PDF and HTML from DocBook 5

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