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Ant´s own resource page lists a lot of links, books and articles. Here are some more.




  • Ant and JUnit Junit and how to run it from Ant
  • Ant1.7 Presentation based on Early Ant1.7; some things may be incorrect
  • Testing Why those tests matter


  • Ant Resources - Articles, Books, FAQs, Forums, Presentations, Tutorials, Wiki.
  • Ant Forum - Browse or search Ant mailing list posts archived by Nabble. Users can also create sub forums to expand discussion.

  • Wiki Markup
    [Comment déboguer un script Ant |] - by Vincent Brabant -\[fr\], How to debug a build.xml file with Netbeans?

  • Ant Specialist Search - provided through Google co-op functionality. (homepage gadget coming soon)
  • Apache Ant Training by DevelopIntelligence.