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General Comments

There are no project-level issues.

Adrian Cumiskey joined the PMC.

XML Graphics Commons

We've released XML Graphics Commons 1.3.1, a bugfix release for 1.3. Otherwise, there were no major changes here. With the arrival of PDFBox/JempBox in the incubator, discussions about a unified XMP implementation (RDF-based metadata) have restarted on the PDFBox dev list.


Not much going on. A little bugfixing and code cleanup. Support for Java 1.3 has been removed in Trunk. Activity on users mailing list seems stable.


We've released FOP 0.95. Besides the 0.95 release there's the usual bugfixing and occasional new feature in Trunk. Furthermore, there are three development branches where larger tasks are being worked on: Improved page breaking, a new intermediate format and enhancements for AFP output.

In April there was a little dispute about programming style and about the question if any committer can tell another what to do. This was resolved with the help of other committers in the project who stated their views. We're back to normal.