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The latest release is 2.0.1 (3 June 2015)


18 55 separate commits to SVN. These are mostly bug fixes (including a couple of patches from the community); but also includes support for PDF/VT and PDF Linearization. Now that the Batik and commons releases have been completed we're in a position to start a FOP release. This was recently agreed on the developers mailing list. The PDF Plug-in sub project will not be released yet since this still depends on a snapshot of PDFBox. Once PDFBox v2.0 is released we'll release PDF plug-in. The PMC agreed on this course of action since the PDF Plug-in is an optional module used only by a small number of users.PCL Soft Fonts. The community has also resumed work on implementing Change Bars. The FOP User list has a slow but steady stream of questions being raised and answered; 77 103 e-mails in total.

v2.0 was released on 3rd June