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General Comments

No project-level issues at the moment.

XML Graphics Commons

Version 1.1 has been released in preparation of the FOP 0.93 release.

Batik is now preparing to switch over to use Commons right after the next Batik release. This will finally allow to finish resolving the circular dependencies between FOP and Batik. A PostScript DSC parser/processor is going through IP clearance after a vote to accept it as a new addition to Commons.


Batik is in the middle of release preparations. It'll be released as soon as the remaining issues are resolved. It's good to see so much progress with only 3 active committers.

The Rhino project (JavaScript implementation) has been relicensed under the MPL 1.1 which allows us to continue to bundle Rhino with Batik. Great news.


FOP has released its first production-grade version (0.93).

Traffic on user and dev mailing lists has increased after the release. We're a little behind processing patches. Our available resources still don't match FOP's user base. But over all, we keep making progress in various areas.

One new committer: Jay Bryant (in acknowledgement of his helping out so many people on the lists for some years now, awaiting his CLA)