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General Comments

There are no project-level issues. Business as usual.

XML Graphics Commons

No releases, no major changes, just a few improvements and fixes in various components. Most changes happened in the PostScript and image loading parts. A release will be made prior to the next FOP release (see below).


Same as last time: Not much going on. A little bugfixing and code cleanup. Activity on the users mailing list seems stable.


No releases this quarter. The AFP GOCA branch has been folded into trunk and various improvements were done since then. The branch with the new intermediate format is about to be finished within a matter of days. Research for an improved approach at page breaking continues. Besides that we've seen the usual bugfixing and a few smaller improvements. Activity on the users mailing list seems stable. The dev list may have been a tad less busy.

We've discussed the version number for the next release to be done within the next reporting period. We finally seem to dare make the jump to 1.0. The previous ideas for the 1.0 release simply proved unrealistic. We will likely try to involve the PRC to help avoid false expectations on the user side due to a 1.0 release after almost 10 years of development. And we'll probably start with a beta phase first, like for the previous release.

Terminology: "AFP" (Advanced Function Presentation) is an IBM document and printing format. "GOCA" is AFP's graphical/vector content specification. The "Intermediate Format" is a proprietary XML representation of the formatted pages produced by FOP's layout engine.