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In the new navigation everything is arranged in a hierachical structure under "Documentation". My proposed new structure looks like this:

Wiki MarkupDocumentation (Overview \ -> was Documenting Sling *\[UPDATE\]*)

  • Getting started (with roadmap box/hot links)
    • Wiki MarkupWhat is Sling *\[NEW, extracts from existing home\]*
    • Wiki MarkupDiscover Sling in 15 minutes *\[OK\]* Wiki Markup
    • Sling and JCR *\[NEW\]*
  • Engine, the heart of Sling
    • Architecture
    • Wiki MarkupDispatching Requests *\[OK\]* Wiki Markup
    • Filters *\[OK\]* Wiki Markup
    • Servlets *\[OK\]* Wiki Markup
    • Resources *\[OK\]* Wiki Markup
    • Adapters *\[OK\]* Wiki Markup
    • Request Parameters *\[OK\]*
    • Wiki MarkupDefault Mapping and Rendering *\[REWRITE\]*
    • Wiki MarkupEventing and Jobs *\[CHECK\]* \ --> Carsten can you have a look at it
    • Wiki MarkupAuthentication *\[UPDATE\]*
  • Development
    • Wiki MarkupGetting and building Sling *\[UPDATE\]*
    • Wiki MarkupZero-tools development (WebDAV, script based) *\[NEW\]*
    • Wiki MarkupMaven Tips & Tricks *\[UPDATE\]*
    • Wiki MarkupSetup with Eclipse 3.4 *\[NEW, from Wiki\]*
    • Wiki MarkupMaven Sling Plugin *\[UPDATED, review by Felix\]* Wiki Markup
    • Maven JspC Plugin *\[CHECK\]*
    • Wiki MarkupHow to create a new bundles and services for Sling *\[NEW\]*
    • Wiki MarkupLogging *\[OK\]* *\[UPDATE\]*
    • Wiki MarkupRequestProgressTracker *\[NEW, from SLING-3\]* Wiki Markup
    • Dependency Management *\[OK\]*
    • Wiki MarkupRepository Based Development *\[OK\]* (lack of Eclipse Plugin)
  • Bundles
    • Wiki MarkupMIME Type Support (commons/mime) *\[OK\]* Wiki Markup
    • Internationalization Support (extensions/i18n) *\[UPDATE\]*
    • Wiki MarkupManipulating Content/SlingPostServlet (servlets/post) *\[OK\]*
    • Wiki MarkupContent Loading (lack of JSON/XML) (jcr/contentloader) *\[OK\]*
    • Wiki MarkupSling-Taglib (scripting/jsp) *\[NEW - especially sling:include needs good documentation\]*
      ... a doc page for each bundle should be the future ambition
  • Tutorials & How-Tos
    • Wiki MarkupLaunch Sling (was Provisioning and Startup) *\[REWRITE\]*
    • Wiki MarkupInstalling and Upgrading Bundles *\[OK\]* \ --> link to *\[1\]*
    • Wiki MarkupACL/ACE *\[NEW\]* Wiki Markup
    • Default Sling JCR layout and nodetypes *\[NEW\]*
    • Wiki MarkupImplementing a ResourceProvider *\[NEW\]*
    • Wiki MarkupApache Sling Rewriter *\[OK\]* (Code under whiteboard) Wiki Markup
    • XSLT Processing Pipeline *\[OK\]*
  • Wiki
  • Wiki Markupconfiguration (was Configuration Support) *\[OK\]*
  • Sling in production
    • Wiki MarkupSling standalone *\[NEW\]* Wiki Markup
    • Sling in a Servlet container *\[NEW\]*
    • Wiki MarkupSling with Apache httpd *\[NEW\]* Wiki Markup
    • Access Logging *\[NEW\]*
  • Wiki MarkupSling API (JavaDoc) *\[OK\]*
  • FAQ (Wiki)