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Also see Oli's entertaining presentation (including photos showing what to wear) at Removed or Removed.

Report a Bug


You will be rewarded with subtle kudos and the bug is much more likely to be fixed promptly.

Build a Quickstart

See Removed for a good introduction to building a barebone Wicket project from one command. There is even a tool to let you customise the command for your project.

Or you can watch Al Maw's excellent screencast here: Removed

The maven command provided there is the quickest way to get a working Wicket project that you can use to clearly demonstrate a bug.


I usually install the entire Subclipse plugin, and all of m2eclipse except the Project configurators unless I am using a J2EE version of Eclipse.
I had a spurious error when adding the m2eclipse update site, "No repository found at Removed" but it didn't cause any problems with the install.


  • Add the Wicket Subversion repository - Navigate to Window > Show Perspective > Other... > SVN Repository Exploring (eclipse uses the term perspective to mean a collection of views, and a view is one single panel with some specific function like the navigator view or the editor view) In the SVN Repositories tab on the left, right click > New > Repository Location... and paste in the repository url: Removed
  • Checkout the code - Click on the new Repository and navigate to: trunk > right click > checkout as maven project. Some serious churning will now occur as you download of Wicket source, and then maven crawls the internet for all the required libraries. Seriously, go for a stroll in the sunshine; the checkout and build took about 6minutes on my machine, and thats without maven needing to download anything.