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  • Lessig-influenced presentation style – "law professors get paid based on the number of slides produced"
  • CAN-SPAM removes individual rights to sue spammers, one thing that's really been effective so far. not good news
  • proposes a new meta tag: no-email-collection
  • cute cat photo!
  • missing a huge chunk of the spam pipeline; we're focussing on the proxy-to-recipient part of the chain. focus on the address scraping!
  • definition of spam: hard. but harvesting email addresses: everyone agrees that's a no-no
  • Wiki Markup
    <meta name="no-email-collection" terms="\[url of terms page\] />

  • project honeypot: like my script – email cookie addresses for scrapers (wink)
  • create subdomains for honeypots and point them at Unspam's server! they'll collect the data
  • generating a public corpus!
  • code licensed under GPL
  • ,
  • q: "scraping through zombies?" a: yes, but that'll increase potential costs for spammers (hmm)
  • q: "two classes of spammer lists: resold email addrs as well as scraped"? yes, but getting one class is useful
  • q: "can a meta tag be enforceable? is a clickwrap license legally viable when it occurs between two computers?" a: if it's a community norm, that can improve legal viability; also CAN-SPAM specifically forbids scraping; also it may cause the spammer to think twice about this