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Maybe these use SpamAssassin

Wiki MarkupThe following might use Spam{{`Assassin. It has been suggested that they use Spam}}`Assassin, but their public websites do not give any indication either way.) Other versions: [CommercialWindows], \["CommercialMacOSX"\], [CommercialUnix], [CommercialNetworkAppliances], \["CommercialISPs"\], [CommercialMaybe]



  • \[ BlackSpider\] relay service (JustinMason: do [BlackSpider] use [SpamAssassin]? There's no indication on their website that they do.) \\unmigrated-wiki-markup
  • \[ Bastion Mail\] relay service based on Spam Assassin and Mail Scanner. \\unmigrated-wiki-markup
  • \[ MessageLabs\] relay service (JustinMason: do [MessageLabs] still use SA in their system? I don't think they do, any more.) \\
  • Wiki Markup\[ GMX\] (free)mail service (they once \[ definitely\] used [SpamAssassin] and it feels like they still do, at least in parts) \\ \\

Not Listed?

If your commercial product uses SpamAssassin, and is not listed here, please feel free to edit the page and add details. However, keep it short – preferably just a link – and we reserve the right to edit or even remove whatever's published here (especially if we cannot determine from publically-accessible information that the product does use SpamAssassin).