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  • Account creation is detailed in the PMC FAQ:
  • Account karma can be granted by the PMC Chair: InfraNotes GrantingKarma
  • PMC people: explains how to create an acct on the Solaris zones. Here is a quick guide:
  • Create the account with this command:
  • sudo useradd -d /export/home/fred -m -c "Fred Smith" fred
  • Set a password with this command:
  • sudo passwd fred
  • Check for password file format errors with this command:
  • sudo pwck
  • Finally, if needed, add the user to sudoers in /etc/opt/sfw with this command:
  • /opt/sfw/sbin/visudo

SSH Access for SpamAssassin VM Box


Note that the static content is hosted in SVN at . If you make any changes on minotaur, be sure to check them in – you may have to copy the changed files from the checkout there into your own checkout, btw, to be able to authenticate correctly to the svn server; or better, do the change in your own checkout first, and simply 'svn up' on minotaur.

Web site visibility

Until recently, the main ASF websites were mirrored on another machine called 'ajax', where we have no login privileges. This meant that changes were quite hard to preview. These were the instructions:

Files written to /www/ aren't visible until the mirror updates, every 2 hours or so. However, if you set the HTTP proxy setting to point to port 80, it'll work in your browser for previewing.

HOWEVER this has now changed (as of Oct 20 2005) – minotaur is now the main site, and changes made there will be visible on immediately.

UPDATE: as of Jul 19 2006 – it's back on ajax again. (wink)

UPDATE: Nov 23 2006 – use port 80. ho hum. updates about hourly.

See for the official doco.

Our web site is configured so it displays static pages committed to our svn repo in directory "site". Commits made to there will be served immediately. Remember to refresh your browser cache to see a recent change.

As an alternative location, you also have a public HTML dir on minotaur – it's at , e.g. . This is not mirrored, and files . Files placed in minotaur:~/public_html will be visible there immediately. This is good for publishing prereleases and alphas.