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  • For Postfix v2.6 or greater, any of the "milter" software listed above can be used.
  • Another way to integrate postfix and spamassassin is to use spamd. See IntegratedSpamdInPostfix. This method supports after-queue filtering only and is not quite as robust or nearly as efficient.
  • IntegratePostfixViaSpampd is a more robust and efficient solution, but also a more complex one. It supports before-queue or after-queue filtering.
  • IntegratedInPostfixWithAmavis is more complicated still but provides a way to plug in ClamAV virus scanning as well. It supports before-queue or after-queue filtering.

Integrated into Qmail

Use SpamAssassin to reject spam at SMTP time with Simscan. Simscan works natively with Netqmail-1.05, or with vanilla qmail-1.03 with the qmailqueue patch.


  1. As of Exim 4.50, by compiling Exim using WITH_CONTENT_SCAN=yes (see details, more). As an Exim 4.4x Exiscan-extended ACL condition stack, Exim can reject spam after reading the body, but before Exim acknowledges acceptance of the email. Debian Linux's exim4-daemon-heavy comes with the exiscan patch built in. You can discover its presence in your distro's exim binary directly with the command exim -bV or exim4 -bV; look for the phrase Contains exiscan-acl patch.
  2. As an Exim 4.x loadable module or local_scan.c replacement. SA-Exim also allows SpamAssassin to reject spam before its accepted by your MTA. More info at On debian this is the default method: install the sa-exim package and edit /etc/exim4/sa-exim.conf to enable it.
  3. As an Exim transport.

Integrated into Courier-MTA


Integrated into XMail (Unix)


See MtaIntegrationDevNotes.