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This document describes the configuration for sitewide use of SpamAssassin with Amavis and Razor. The distribution used is SuSE Linux 9.0. If you use something else, some options may be different. For example Amavis may run as user amavis, not vscan and the path to the Amavis spool directory may be
/var/amavis not /var/spool/amavis

Postfix Configuration

Wiki MarkupThis section describes how to configure Postfix to use amavisd-new as an after-queue content filter (see the \[ .html FILTER_README file\] that comes with your version of Postfix).

First, a few services must be defined in The first service will setup an extra SMTP listener on a different port (10025 in this example). It will be used for the reinjection of mail back into Postfix. By unsetting the content_filter parameter, content filtering will be disabled for incoming mail on this port. This avoids loops.


In this case, amavisd-new is running on the same host as Postfix, but it can be any host. With brackets surrounding the hostname, MX lookups of the hostname are suppressed. They are also necessary when specifying bare IP addresses instead of hostnames. MX records in DNS can be used to create simple load-balancing and fallback configurations.unmigrated-wiki-markup

This simple setup will cause address rewriting both before and after the content filter. For most configurations this is not only unnecessary, but will cause duplicate mail to be delivered in configurations with virtual aliases of the form a \ -> a,b. Virtual rewriting must be turned off either before or after the content filter. How this is done is, again, documented in Postfix's \[ FILTER_README file\] doc.

Amavis configuration

Amavis is just used for spam detection, not virus protection. See the options below.