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On startup spamd dies with "IO::Socket::INET: Invalid argument"


Wiki MarkupThis bug is seen from time to time and is currently tracked down via the \[ Gentoo Bug 58122\]. The reason _why_ it happens is yet unknown, but it seems to be caused by a broken Perl.


When you start spamd with debugging you will see something like this:


The output above is from SpamAssassin 3.0.0, previous versions are a bit less verbose.unmigrated-wiki-markup

The \[ FAQ\] on the amavisd-new site notes:

On some operating systems the Perl module IO::Socket reports obscure error on unsuccessful connect() in non-blocking mode as: "Invalid argument" in place of the true cause: "Connection refused".
The remote service should be checked if available and accessible (firewall rules? network problems?).