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  • Submitters should...
    • Provide a main logo, for the website front page. The current logo is 421 pixels wide by 160 high, so something in that rough ballpark would be good.
    • Be prepared to provide a high-res, printable version of that logo; at least 1000x380. We'll need the source; either SVG for vector images, or XCF or PSD or for pixel images (PNG if really unavoidable), a scalable vector format is optimal as the source format.
    • (optional) a smaller button-style logo for sites running SpamAssassin ("Powered by SpamAssassin" is suggested as the text or theme), about 90x30.
    • Wiki Markupthe winner would have to be happy to assign rights to the image over to the ASF so it can be used freely by [SpamAssassin], permission given to use it in books, on merchandise, etc. Authorship, however, is preserved -- and we will credit the designer in the \[ CREDITS\] file in the distribution and on the website. (This is performed using the ASF's Contributor's License Agreement; see \[\] for details.) \\
  • Design themes...
    • (optional) incorporation of the Apache Feather logo or a "SpamAssassin ninja" element is something to consider (see \[ Press Kit\]), but we don't want to restrict people artistically, so do as you will. \\
    • we want something that feels right for the project, hint: images of death and blood might not feel right to us.
    • For your reference, the original logo elements, including several closeup pics of the ninjas, the Apache feather, the original in Gimp XCF format, the ninjas with background removed in XCF, and the more recent revision in XCF, can be downloaded here: . They can be used freely (consider them under the same license as SpamAssassin itself). (ps: yep, the text in the old image is just an old "make money fast" spam.).
    • See also the LogoContestDiscussion.