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A-C are the use cases catered for by the current spamtrap system. D and E are new, and would be useful in order to provide a common, shared "meeting place" of spamtrap data.


Wiki MarkupEach trap box runs an SMTP listener which delivers all incoming messages with size under a set size limit, to a \[ Gearman\] queue. A set of Gearman worker processes then take messages from that queue, processing them as follows:

  • discarding obvious viruses/malware
  • discarding too-large messages (over 4MB in size?)
  • removing forwarding headers, for spams forwarded from third-party addresses
  • extracting attached message/rfc822 parts (for certain forwarders)
  • discarding messages from now-unreliable addresses, identified using header regexps
  • discarding frequently-appearing ham, identified using header regexps
  • discarding bounces (scan with SpamAssassin for ANY_BOUNCE_MESSAGES)