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How can I tell if SpamAssassin is using Razor?

Jesus M Gonzalez-Barahona writes:

'Usually, you have to do nothing in order for SpamAssassin to use Vipul's Razor (except for, obviously, having Razor installed). However, if you wonder whether it is being used or not, run SpamAssassin in debug mode:

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  spamassassin -t -D < /tmp/spam

(being /tmp/spam a mail message). If Razor is being used, you'll see some lines like these:

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 debug: Razor is available
 debug: Razor Agents 1.20, protocol version 2.
 debug: Read server list from /home/jgb/.razor.lst
 debug: 72636 seconds before closest server discovery
 debug: Closest server is
 debug: Connecting to
 debug: Connection established
 debug: Signature: 48e74b8496877ba45072b201b41eebed7038186b
 debug: Server version: 1.11, protocol version 2
 debug: Server response: Negative
 debug: Message 1 NOT found in the catalogue.

Dave Breiland writes:

When using SpamAssassin 3.1.7, to get the details described above, I had to use:

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  spamassassin -t -D razor2 < /tmp/spam