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Release Schedule for 3.1.0

Wiki MarkupThis is flexible, but gives a rough outline of our current schedule and plans (\[ original mail\]).

Note that this is a historical document; 3.1.0 has already been released!

  • Wiki MarkupDONE 2005-06-26: \[ announced a heads-up\]. \\
  • DONE: 2005-06-27: clean up our corpora, get ready for mass-checking, try out mass-check to spot any big memory leaks or whatnot.
  • Wiki MarkupDONE: 2005-06-27 to Wed, 2005-07-06: start mass-checks; move to C-T-R: \[http: // 3.1.0pre2 cut\], \[ mass-checks started\]. \\
  • DONE: 2005-07-01: mass-checks scratched, due to mass-check-affecting bug: bug 4450
  • Wiki MarkupDONE: 2005-07-01 to 2005-07-11: new duration of mass-checks, using 3.1.0-pre3. \[ mail.spam.spamassassin.devel/38086 3.1.0-pre3 cut\] \[ new mass-checks started\]. \\
  • Wiki MarkupDONE: 2005-07-14: \[ mass-checks redo AGAIN\] due to forgetting to zero the rules. doh. \\
  • DONE: 2005-08-02ish: collate mass-check results, generate logs for all scoresets from those (Daniel, we can now get all scoresets from one mass-check run, right?) Start perceptron, check in results (will almost definitely need Henry's help here)
  • DONE: 2005-08-12: decide whether to release or delay an (optional) additional week for additional tweakage and testing. upshot: we released rc1.
  • DONE: 2005-08-19: decide whether to release rc2, or the full release, depending on reported bugs.
  • DONE: 2005-09-14: 3.1.0 released!