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SAproxy Status

(Note: this page contains some statements that are under discussion. Editors: please sign any statements that may be under discussion. This is the wiki convention, and indicates to readers that it's not necessarily the consensus view.)


  • Breaking news!! See SpamFuProxy (March 4th, 2k5)
  • Pop3Proxy is not being actively developed at this time:
    Dan McDonald, the primary author, reports that he is not currently able to work on it due to time constraints.
  • SAproxy is in an indeterminate state at this time:
    bug 2200 states that "We were unable to bring SAproxy/pop3proxy into the Apache Software Foundation therefore we are unfortunately unable to continue supporting it as part of the SpamAssassin project". Dan McDonald preferred to keep his code licensed using the dual PAL/GPL license of SpamAssassin 2.x and SAproxy. Since the SpamAssassin project was moving to the ASF, and because the Apache license was required for that, this meant the SpamAssassin project could not distribute or host Dan McDonald's code at Apache.
    Please note that someone could maintain, support, and further develop the open source SaProxy – it's just that the SA development team is not likely to do so, given that it's not part of the Apache SpamAssassin project as a result of the inability to change the license.
  • SAproxy Phoenix may be on its way.
    Dan Wing has been able to install it with SA 3.0 (2004-Oct-22) – have a look here.

  • Wiki Markup
    SAproxy Pro is commercial software and may not be moving forward.
       As reported on on Oct 20 2004:
       "\[...\] Stata Labs has been acquired by Yahoo! \[...\]"
       "\[...\] Will Yahoo! sell Bloomba or SAproxy Pro? At this time there are no plans for Yahoo! to sell Bloomba or SAproxy Pro \[...\]"

  • CVS for an earlier SAproxy (predating "Pro") remain available at SourceForge: (under "pop3") in
  • SAproxy and SpamAssassin at sourceforge are inactive because nobody is developing them now. The SAproxy list at SourceForge is essentially inactive as well. The resources for that project are left there for historical purposes only.
  • SAproxy is not covered under the new Apache site, but some help/advice can be sought in their lists Lists.
  • SAproxy old bugs/problems and current situation can be reviewed at Bugs.


Dan McDonald is the father of Pop3proxy (Perl artistic license) that evolved (fullfilling license requirements) to SaProxy. Original Pop3Proxy in

Dan, Johan Lindstrom and DanielQuinlan (Daniel under commission of Stata Labs) evolved Pop3Proxy into the much-improved SAproxy (as per

SAproxy was under SpamAssassin SourceForge project as an open source project and maintained there for a time, but is now unmaintained. SAproxy can be seen in CVS. If someone were to take over maintainance, they could release new open source releases at SourceForge or elsewhere.

SAproxy Pro is (was) a commercial derivative of SAproxy released under the Perl Artistic License.

SAproxy major and minor versions and realeases (based on )

1.0 19 Nov 2002

1.2 23 Nov 2002 (included GUI by Johan)

1.15 26 May 2003

1.0, including SA 2.44, date unknown

1.1, including SA 2.52, and 1.15, 26 May 2003

1.2, including SA 2.55, and 1.15?, 6 June 2003

SAproxy wraps SpamAssassin and in a Win32 installation and GUI, no Perl installation needed!

Some bits of history: