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Comment: [Original edit by BillCole] Removing anything suggesting that SARE is still a thing. It is NOT


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IMPORTANT: Due to Ninjas being busy with lives, wives & hockey matches, SARE rules aren't being updated.

There is no need to run automated update tools as all they will produce is useless load on everybody's servers.

Any updates will be announced on the SpamAssassin Users Mailing List.

SARE Channels

This page has the list of channels that can be used with sa-update to obtain additional rules from the SpamAssassin Rules Emporium. SARE rules catch many different kinds of spam, including adult, spoof, stock tips, fraud, etc.

Daryl O'Shea provides a series of channels for every set of SARE rules so you can easily customize which ones you want to update. Here is the howto Daryl provides.

Here is an example channels file using Daryl's channels to update all of the level 0 (no ham matches) and english rules:

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We guys at OpenProtect have created a sa-update channel for SARE which contains the recommended rules in the SARE - SpamAssassin Rules Emporium. This way, rules can be updated easily using sa-update, which ships with SA versions above 3.0. To use the rules, see SA sa-update channel for SARE


– felicity: the openprotect channel has a pre file which loads basically all of the plugins, even optional ones. you can't disable them once they're loaded, so fyi.

– skar sen <<DateTime(2006-08-24T11:27:45Z)>>