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Wiki Markup\[ Outlook Express Spam Blocker\] Based on [SpamAssassin] - [SpamArrow]

SpamAssassin is a powerful spam filter software. However, it is not easy to use for Windows users. Now with SpamArrow, it is a piece of cake to use Spamassassin with Outlook Express or Outlook.

Wiki Markup\[ SpamArrow\] works as an add-in of Outlook Express and Outlook. After installation, Spamarrow will add toolbar to the main window of Outlook Express and Outlook. and the Outlook and Outlook Express inbox will be protected by [SpamAssassin]. When email is coming, it will be identified with Spamassassin, if it is a junk email, it will be moved to a special folder named 'SpamArrow'. In order to get the most powerful spam filtering from [SpamAssassin], Spamarrow can help train good and junk emails from the folders you specified.

Furthermore,comparing to other methods, SpamArrow doesn't use any mail rules or proxy settings. All spam filter is done automatically.


SpamArrow™ spam blocker will never add message rules to your Outlook Express. Your email message will keep as the original. That's an exclusive feature of SpamArrow.

Wiki MarkupWebsite is \[ SpamArrow Spam Blocker\]