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jMeter + Eclipse HOWTO

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This document describes briefly how to develop the jMeter project with Eclipse IDE. Eclipse is a very powerful development environment with following features:


I assume you downloaded Eclipse IDE and have it working.

Accessing SVN


The directions below are for cvs, but JMeter now uses Subversion. You will need to use the Eclipse pluging \[ Subclipse\] to get JMeter from the repository.

  • Wiki Markup0. Install \[ Subclipse\].
  • 1. Open the SVN perspective with and "SVN Repository Exploring"
  • 2. Invoke the popup menu and select "New"/"Repository location"
  • 3. Fill in the latest branch and click OK
  • 4. The repository should appear in a list. Right click it and go to "Checkout...".
  • 5. Select Check out as a project configured using the New Project Wizard"
  • 6. Select "JAVA project", and give a name for the project in next dialogs.
  • 7. Wait for the SVN checkout to complete.