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Wiki Markup*Navigation trail:* \["JMeterProjectPages"\] - \["JMeterDevelopment"\]


Long Term Plans and Discussion

  • Wiki Markup\["ImprovingJMetersGUI"\] - a place for discussing on possible GUI redesigns for JMeter.
  • ScriptingSupportInJMeter - for discussing issues related to enabling scriptable components in JMeter.unmigrated-wiki-markup
  • \["JMeterRemoteTestingEnhancements"\] - discussion of ways the remote testing facilities might be improved.
  • Wiki Markup\["JMeterGuiTestElementSeparation"\] - A discussion about the relationship between JMeter GUI classes and Test Elements.unmigrated-wiki-markup
  • \["JMS _Sampler"\] - plan for implementing JMS sampler Wiki Markup\["EJB Sampler"\] - plan for implementing EJB
  • EJB_Sampler - plan for implementing EJB sampler