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Comment: [Original edit by PrachiBora] Adding cloud load testing service in VSTS


Cloud Load Testing compatible with JMeter - BlazeMeter is a 100% JMeter-compatible, self-service load testing cloud. Instantly generate massive stress tests with comprehensive reporting and analysis tools. An enterprise grade, out-of-the-box JMeter environment with unlimited load testing capacity, comprehensive, interactive real-time reporting and sophisticated result analysis and recommendations. Build a dedicated, virtual load testing lab in the cloud in a matter of minutes, requiring only a browser with a choice of 7 multi-geo locations, including California, Virginia, Oregon, Tokyo, Ireland, Singapore and Sao Paulo.

Cloud-based load testing in Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) - Get an on-demand performance test lab to run JMeter based tests at cloud-scale. Generate massive amounts of load from more than 15 locations around the world. Get rich browser-based reports that provide insights into your application's performance, and share them easily with team members. Release your apps faster, with confidence, by running cloud-based load tests in Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery pipelines. Get 20,000 free virtual user minutes every month.

Flood IO - Load Testing in the Cloud that supports JMeter