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Testing a SUN RI JSF Application with JMeter

The JSF RI implementation is similar to the MyFaces except the hidden field has a different name. The steps are the same that explained in PerformanceTestingWithJMeter in the MyFace Wiki : in order to simulate the JSF ViewState request parameter, set up JMeter to record your request/response streams and use the scripts JMeter creates as a starting point. To simulate the ViewState parameter create a JMeter RegEx Extractor. Apply the extractor to the Thread Group. Set the reference name as: jsfViewState. The RegEx is different than with MyFace, use <input type="hidden" name="com\.sun\.faces\.VIEW" id="com\.sun\.faces\.VIEW" value="(.?)" /> instead of <input type="hidden" name="javax\.faces\.ViewState" id="javax\.faces\.ViewState" value="(.?)" />. Set the template to $1$ and 0 in Match No.