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This page is a brain dump of the various items needed for a release.



  • a Java JDK in according with target JDK (Java 8 for JMeter 5.0+)
  • a recent Gradle release (but if you use gradlew utility, the good gradle version will be installed during the build)
  • subversion (svn) client installed (version 1.9+); the command-line utility svnmucc is needed (it should be included in the svn client installation (svn-tools dir), but please check)
  • a git client installed (2.+)
  • a text editor
  • hostname must resolve to ip address (not loopback)
  • Internet access


For GPG signing, the Release Manager need to have his GPG key on his machine.

To check the key (for example):

No Format
$ gpg --list-secret-keys --keyid-format LONG
sec   rsa4096/AC214CAA0612B399 2010-08-14 [SC]
uid                 [ultimate] Milamber (ASF) <milamber@a.o>
uid                 [ultimate] Milamber (Milamberspace) <>
ssb#  rsa4096/88A342BB4B10546A 2010-08-14 [E]

Optionally, you can add the user signing key in Git configuration for the JMeter repository, this allow to sign each commit.

Go to the Git clone directory of JMeter project:
$ cd ~/GitRepos/JMeter/jmeter 

Execute this git command to configure the user signing key, please change the key ID with your own key id:
$ git config user.signingkey AC214CAA0612B399 
  • request Bugzilla version update (on INFRA or if you are JMeter committer, ask for sufficient Bugzilla karma to do this yourself)
  • ensure changes.xml is up to date. If necessary, commit after update.
  • ensure unit tests pass
  • do not update the version in build.xml yet; master branch should remain a SNAPSHOT
  • check out Git master branch into a clean workspace (or run a git clone if jmeter git tree is not on your machine)
No Format
$ cd ~/GitRepos/JMeter/jmeter 

$ git pull
Already up to date.
  • Update version to targeted version in
No Format
  • update the version / year for NOTICE (year)
    • ./NOTICE:
      • section: Copyright 1998-2019 The Apache Software Foundation
  • update xdocs/download_jmeter.xml to the new version
    • section: <!ENTITY release '5.0'>
  • Add modifications, commit and push to remote location
No Format
git add NOTICE xdocs/download_jmeter.xml
git commit -m "prepare new version 5.X.X" 
git push

Generate Release

  • Clean the working space before
No Format
 $ ./gradlew :src:dist:clean 
  • To do a new release candidate, run theses commands:
No Format
 $ ./gradlew prepareVote -Prc=1 -Pasf -PuseGpgCmd --info --stacktrace
  • Change -Prc=X with according the RC number
  • Use -Pasf to use the ASF GitBox repository (indeed of GitHub)
  • use -PuseGpgCmd to allow the signing of archives
  • (if you work on a Linux machine, during the build, the GPG agent will ask your passphras for you GPG key.)

On success, a template for VOTE email are display with relevant informations

Checks to do before sending vote email

  • review RAT report
  • See ReleaseChecking for information on what to check
  • Test ALL links in the vote message (use browser in incognito mode)

Vote on release

  • send round [VOTE] e-mail to dev

    Subject: [VOTE] Release JMeter X.X.X RCx

  • Wait for any feedback (at least 72 hours); address any issues raised, if necessary by creating another release tag (rc)
  • If at least 3 PMC votes, then continue

After VOTE success

  • send round [VOTE] [RESULT] e-mail to same mailing lists

  • Publish the RC tag to the release tag
No Format
$ ./gradlew publishDist -Prc=1 -Pasf -PuseGpgCmd 

Update main distribution files

  • Checkout the top-level of the live dist project on your computer:
No Format
mkdir ~/JMETER_releases/jmeter_5_4_2
cd ~JMETER_releases/jmeter_5_4_2
svn co --depth files dist-jmeter
  • Edit HEADER.html to modify with new version number
  • If necessary, add your GPG public key to KEYS
  • If necessary, update the META file with your GPG key id (if you act as the release manager for the first time. Please visit )
    • The META file needs to be signed by the PMC Chair of project with this command:
No Format
gpg -u --armor --output META.asc --detach-sig META
  • To verify the good signature, use this command:
No Format
$ gpg --verify META.asc META

gpg: Signature made mar. 12 sept. 2017 18:05:19 WEST
gpg:                using RSA key C4923F9ABFB2F1A06F08E88BAC214CAA0612B399
gpg:                issuer ""
gpg: Good signature from "Milamber (ASF) <>" [ultimate]
gpg:                 aka "Milamber (Milamberspace) <>" [ultimate]
  • Commit with svn
No Format
svn commit -m "JMeter 5.4.2 release - Prepare update site" dist-jmeter

Maven Release

Wait for the update of central maven

  • wait a day or so Maven Central update. 

Update Doap file

  • Get latest Doap file from Git master branch
No Format
$ cd ~/GitRepos/JMeter/jmeter 
$ git pull
$ vi doap_JMeter.rdf
  • update doap_JMeter.rdf to add the new release
  • and commit
No Format
$ git add doap_JMeter.rdf 
$ git commit -m "Add the 5.4.2 release" 

Update the JMeter web site

Clone (or pull) the git repo for JMeter web site:

No Format
cd ~/GitRepos/JMeter
$ git clone
$ cd ~/GitRepos/JMeter/jmeter-site/ 
$ git pull

Copy new web site files from jmeter git source directory to the site directory

Change the path segment above as appropriate!

No Format
$ cp -a site/* ~/GitRepos/JMeter/jmeter-site/ 

Add changes in stage git

No Format
$ git add .

Get lastest version Doap file and add to git too:

No Format
$ wget ";a=blob_plain;f=doap_JMeter.rdf;hb=HEAD" -O doap_JMeter.rdf
$ git add doap_JMeter.rdf  

Commit and push:

No Format
$ git commit -m "Update website for the new release Apache JMeter 5.4.2"
$ git push

The !GitPubSub system will update the live site within a few seconds.


Make sure: JMeter website is update.

  • update Wiki version details

  • Wiki Markup
    send \[ANNOUNCE\] e-mail to user@jmeter.a.o, dev@jmeter.a.o

  • also copy to announce AT ao (has to be sent from an ao e-mail address)
  • N.B. to track bounces and unsubscribes, it may be a good idea to use a separate mail to Announce


Add release data (version and date) to -

Tidy up

No Format
ant release_delete -Djmeter.old.version=4.0 -DrepoType=live [-Dasf.ldap.password=secret [-Dasf.ldap.usermame=user] ]