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This should fix the problem. However note that the path will almost certainly have to be changed if a new version of Java is installed, so ideally the system PATH should be set to include the correct location for Java.


Another cause of errors is where the JMeter bin directory is not writable, as JMeter defaults to creating the keystore in the bin directory. For example

No Format

Could not create script recording proxy - see log for details: Command :'"C:\Program Files\Java\jre7\bin\keytool" -genkeypair -alias :root_ca: -dname "CN=_ DO NOT INSTALL unless this is your certificate (JMeter root CA), OU=Username: user, C=US" -keyalg RSA -keystore proxyserver.jks -storepass {redacted) -keypass {redacted) -validity 7 -ext bc:c' failed, code: 1
keytool error: proxyserver.jks (Access is denied)

The last line shows the cause.

The cure is to tell JMeter where to create the keystore, by defining the property