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This guide is intended for those who wish to enable a TLP website that leverages Pelican and github flavored markdown (GFM) to be published by buildbot.

Table of Contents

Resources – github flavored markdown – pelican documentation

Key Files and Directories:

  • content/pages
    • static pages for your website
    • only .md files
    • requires 'Title:'
    • requires 'Date:'
  • content/articles
    • articles are listed on the front page
    • only .md files
    • requires 'Title:'
    • requires 'Date:'
  • theme/plugins
    • houses the plugins that Pelican uses to generate the site.
    • Required for buildbot process.
    • site configuration file
    • defines plugins

Setting up a Pelican website


Create the repository for the website content using the gitbox self service tool ( (or SVN).


  1. The script asks where you want to create the website. Accept " . ", the default, unless you have a specific location in mind for it.
  2. Title the website with $PROJECTNAME
  3. Set the website author as $PROJECTNAME also. This lets all members of the project edit the website.
  4. default language as English should be just fine
  5. Specify a default prefix
    1. default prefix should be https://$ (or similar friendly name)
  6. No article pagination
  7. Set timezone to UTC
  8. No generation of / makefile

Code Block
titlePelican Site Configuration
# in your site repo
for x in "content/pages content/articles theme/plugins"; do mkdir -p $x; done
rm -rf output
echo -e "\nPLUGIN_PATHS=['./theme/plugins']\nPLUGINS=[]\n"  >>
echo -e "pelican\nbeautifulsoup4" >> requirements.txt


commit and push your changes.


Working with Pelican websites

Updating content

Create and update markdown files (.md) in the content/pages and content/articles directories.

Pelican themes

Pelican supports the use of themes which can be found here: . Be sure to specify the directory containing the 'static' and 'templates' directory as 'theme:' in the .asf.yaml


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