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For modules that are no longer recommended to use (because there is a replacement or they are just obsolete), the following procedure shall be used:

  1. Create a branch "maintenance" with the last version before deprecation
  2. Empty the master branch and only leave just a file containing the line
    "For reference or potential bugfix releases use the 'maintenance' branch"
    (where "maintenance" is linked to the branch where the last "master" code is found)
  3. Tag the module as deprecated  using the .asf.yaml features for git repositories feature. If no such file is present make sure to use the default values from Using Git with Sling#Boilerplatefiles .

Deprecated Sling repositories can then be found with a GitHub query for the sling + deprecated topics - which you can use to see examples.

This procedure replaces the old "attic" space in SVN, which is no longer an option since Sling has moved to Git.


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