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Architecture Meeting

Meeting Time

Please use #apache-wink on, our IRC channel. 9 AM Eastern Time on June 23, 2009 is the proposed meeting time.


Here are the primary things we want to discuss:

  • Short term goals
    1. JAX-RS 1.0 compliance
    2. What are the absolutely required features beyond this?
  • Choosing a runtime architecture
  • Required plug points into runtime
    1. Handlers - an ability to add user handlers; change system handlers (question)
    2. Extensible Metadata - an ability to collect the custom meta-data (e.g. custom annotations), this can be also achieved by using handlers
    3. Extensible Lifecycle Manager - define custom scopes, use spring scopes when integrating with Spring
    4. Extensible Custom field/parameters injection - can be used with custom annotations
  • Third party dependencies - should we grow our own APP/ATOM/JSON/OpenSearch etc. support or use existing implementations like Abdera?
  • How to modularize
  • Configurability - ability to control different runtime features and properties.
  • Client API
  • Long term goals
    1. Spring integration
    2. Support of additional endpoints
    3. What are some goals that may take longer than the next few weeks to do?

Things that may be discussed:

  • Submitting an Eclipse/(Other IDE) code style template
  • I don't know if it's the Apache Way or not but commit before review until we get close to declaring a release?

Discussions moved to mailing list:

  • Testing
    1. How to do unit tests (which Mock Object framework?)
    2. How to do integration tests


A copy of the discussion is available here wink-dev.architecturechat.2009.06.22.log




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