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 <logging> <status-updates>ON</status-updates>

This INFO level setting will be the default value if the section is not included in the configuration file. The setting will be global for all virtualhosts and will be exposed via the management console as logger 'qpid.operational' to allow dynamic level setting.


Occurs when an unrecoverable error has occured. A stack trace is automatically generated and a System.exit(1) is called halting the process.
e.g. Data corruption
Occurs when a problem occurs in the system but it can generally continue to operate.
e.g. Unexpected error occurs that is limited to a single connection, i.e. not message store related.
Occurs when a potententialy harmful situation occurs.
e.g. Unexpected connection closure
General operational logging level, no logging on message delivery path way. No performance impact. Recommended for production use.
e.g. Creation/Destruction events
Additional logging on message delivery path way. May have performance impact. Not recommended for long term production use
e.g. Message Enqueue/Dequeue
Full delivery path debugging. Will have performance impact. Not intended for production use.
e.g. Message selector behaviour