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The proposed change cannot provide an definite guarantee against OOM in all scenarios - for instance, it will still manifest if the maximum size is set to 100 MB and the JVM is under memory pressure and have less than 100 MB of allocatable memory.

Illegitimate message rejection

Even worse: what if the property is incorrectly configured and legitimate messages not reaching the client?

Potential confusing

  • The name max.response.size intends to mirror the existing max.request.size from the producer's configuration properties. However, max.request.size intends to check the size of producer records as provided by a client; while max.response.size is to check the size directly decoded from the network according to Kafka's binary protocol.
  • On the broker, the property socket.request.max.bytes is used to validate the size of messages received by the server. The new property serves the same purpose, which introduces duplicated semantic, even if one property is characterised with the keyword "request" and the other with "response", in both cases reflecting the perspective adopted from either a client or a server.