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Code Freeze and release startTrack ongoing PRs9/3 6pm PST

Cut the release branchCheck license headers

Make code changes with necessary version updates9/3 6pm PST

Cut the release branch

from v1.5.x branch

Update the version on master

Test the release and tag the releaseNightly test, Jenkins CI9/4

RAT check

checked by CI

Tag RC09/4

Package artifacts and validateCreate release artifacts9/5

Validate release package

Test release package

Scala release process

Begin Apache votingStart vote on dev@9/7

Start vote on general@

Finalizing and posting the releaseCreate the final release tag on github

Rename, resign and upload the src tar to final dir

Update the website using tag

Release the official pip package

Release the official docker images

After 24 hrs, validate the packages are uploaded

Draft the offical announce email and review

Send out the email on announce@

Update the apache blog

update the aws blog

send internal announcement