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Comment: section on transferring Git repos


  1. Jira Category

    • Move the project out of the incubator category and into its own

      • Jira-administration -> projects -> project categories

        • create new category for TLP

      • Jira-administration -> projects -> new TLP

        • select the Incubator drop down menu next to Category, then select the newly created category

  2. Jira Project (Add project to INFRA Jira 'Project' drop down field)
    1. Go to the Administration Cog and select ‘Issues’
    2. Select ‘Custom Fields’ from the left navigation
    3. Search for the ‘Project’ field and click ‘Configure’
    4. Click 'Edit Options’ (bottom of the page)
    5. Type the project name into the Add Value field
    6. Click ‘Add’
    7. Move the project to its correct place in the alphabetical list using the arrow keys or the position number
    8. Click ‘Done’ (at the bottom of the page)


  3. Remove the victims file from /trunk/tlpreq/input/victims.

  4. Resolve the Jira graduation ticket as complete.

Transfer an existing Git repository to an ASF project

  1. An Officer of the ASF, who could be the chair of a project PMC, requests the transfer via a Jira ticket. Infra can double-check that the Officer has performed due diligence to make sure the repository contents are available for transfer: for instance, that none of its files are subject to licenses that conflict with the ASF license. However, it is not Infra's job to perform that investigation.
  2. Infra performs the transfer in the normal way, recording details in the Jira ticket, and markets the ticket as complete once the Officer confirms they can access the repo in its new location.