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  • body FOO /fügen/    (BAD)
    • Does not work when normalize_charset 1 and mail is converted from ISO-8859-1 to UTF-8
  • body FOO /fÃŒgen/   (BAD)
    • Does not work when normalize_charset 0 and mail is ISO-8859-1
  • body FOO /f(?:\xfc|\xc3\xbc)gen/
    • Works for both encodings, and file is also now very portable and not encoding dependent
    • You can use UTF-8 / ascii table tools found with google, or try perl for hex convert:
      • perl -MEncode -e 'print unpack("H*",encode("UTF-8","ü"))."\n"'
      • perl -e 'print unpack("H*","ü")."\n"'
  • You can also try some replace_tags found in default ruleset, that match different variations:
    • body FOO /f<U>gen/
    • replace_tags FOO

As body is processed in raw bytes, Unicode-regex features like \p{} can not currently be used.

Rawbody rules: rawbody RULENAME /foo/