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The ajax head template builds upon the xhtml head template by providing additional JavaScript includes for the Dojo Toolkit, which is used by the ajax a template, ajax div template , and the ajax tabbedPanel template. It is required to use this tag, <ww:head theme="ajax"/>, in your HTML <head> block if you wish to use AJAX feature. The contents of head.ftl are:

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If you are having trouble getting the AJAX theme to work, you should include the above JavaScript in your page manually, changing "isDebug: false" to "isDebug: true". This will log out debugging information directly to the screen.

Note that Dojo is configured to use the same character encoding specified in, typically UTF-8. For a simple example of how to use the head tag with the AJAX theme, simply do the following in your HTML:

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The above sample is from Struts trunk; for 2.0.6 you should use <s:head debug="true"/>.