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Conversion Annotation

Marker annotation for type conversions at Type level.

CreateIfNull Annotation

For Collection and Map types: Create the types within the Collection or Map, if null.

Element Annotation

For Generic types: Specify the element type for Collection types and Map values.

Key Annotation

For Generic types: Specify the key type for Map keys.

KeyProperty Annotation

For Generic types: Specify the key property name value.

TypeConversion Annotation

Used for class and application wide conversion rules.

Tiles Annotations

The Tiles Plugin provides it's own set of Annotations. They can be used to keep tiles.xml short. Instead tiles definitions can be created by annotating actions.

TilesDefinitionRepresents a <definition> element in tiles.xml
TilesDefinitionsA list of TilesDefinition Annotations


Represents a <put-attribute> element in tiles.xml
TilesPutListAttributeRepresents a <put-list-attribute> element in tiles.xml
TilesAddAttributeRepresents a <add-attribute> element in tiles.xml
TilesAddListAttributeRepresents a <add-list-attribute> element in tiles.xml


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