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 * [Release Notes]

h2. [Logo Contest]

h2. Overview

  * [WebWork 2.0 Mission Statement]
  * [WebWork Roadmap]
  * [WebWork2 QuickStart Guide]
  * {link: WW2 Tutorial|} hosted by Matt Raible (from Vitor Souza's {link: ww2tutorial.war|})
  * [Struts vs. WebWork]
  * [XW:XWork] is what WebWork 2 depends on, so may be useful to investigate.

h2. [WebWork 2 Architecture] 
  * Overview
  * [WebWork 2 Components]
  * [WebWork 2 Interceptors]

h2. Migrating to WebWork 2
  * [WebWork 2 Migration Guide]
  * [WebWork2 MigrationConfiguration]
  * [Differences between WebWork and WebWork 2]
  * [Differences between WebWork Code and WebWork 2 Code]
  * [Migrating from Struts 1.0 to WebWork 2]
  * [Modifying WebWork 2 to work with Weblogic Server 6.1]
  * [Running WebWork on Sun ONE Application Server 7]

h2. WebWork 2 Configuration
  * Overview
  * [Using webwork-default.xml]
  * [WebWork 2 WAR Structure]
  * [OS:Configuring web.xml]
  * [XW:Configuration]
  * Logging
  * [Quick boiler-plate WebWork2 project with megg]

h2. WebWork 2 Tags
  * [WebWork 2 Tag Reference]
  * [WebWork 2 Non UI Tags]
  * [OS:WW2 UI Tags]
  * [WebWork 2 UI Tag Guide]
  * [Using WebWork 2 Tags from Velocity]
  * [WebWork2 Tag Overview] An collection of links to the above based on documentation status.

h2. Documentation
  * [Webwork2 FAQ]
  * [Building WebWork 2]
  * [WebWork 2 Dependencies]
  * [WebWork 2 Cookbook] - Patterns and tips
  * [WebWork 2 Examples]

h2. Miscellaneous / References

  * Book: {link: Java Open Source Programming : with XDoclet, JUnit, WebWork, Hibernate|}
  * A good summary of what's new in WW2 (5/03):
  * [WW:Writeup of Mike's Talk at TSS on WebWork2] (7/03)
  * Mike's PPT Presentation from TSS Symposium:
  * Some Japanese translated WW2 information (including the presentation above):
  * Another PPT presentation from Rick Salsa, Groove Systems:
  * Building with WebWork2 on TheServerSide (11/03):
  * Jason Carreira's slides and example code (4/04): {|}
  * A brazilian portuguese tutorial teaching the main concepts and features of Webwork 2 (14/04): {link:tutorial|}

h2. Mailing List archives


h2. CVS Download

  * For download instuctions code go to

h2. Products Using WebWork2

* {link: Atlassian Confluence|} - Commercial Wiki and knowledge management system
* {link: Chemist Australia|} -  Online Pharmacy
* {link: DriveNow|} -  last minute Autralian car rentals
* {link: OpenReports|} -  an open source web based reporting application that uses WebWork2, Velocity, Hibernate...

Apache Struts 2 is an elegant, extensible framework for building enterprise-ready Java web applications. Distributions of Struts 2 are available as a free download under the Apache License.

The contents of the Struts 2 documentation wiki (what you're reading now) are distributed with each release, but maintained via the on-line wiki.


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We've started planning the next version of Struts aka Struts 3 (or 2.5) which will break backward compatibility, if you want to join please add your two cents here.

Getting Started

The documentation is grouped into four areas.


Our tutorials are designed to help you get started with the framework ASAP. We offer an all-purpose "Bootstrap" tutorial as well as specialty tutorials on portlets and database access.


Our in-depth technical guides focus on specific components of the framework, such as the Core framework, Struts Tags, and optional Extensions, as well as migrating from Struts 1 or WebWork 2.

FAQs and Cookbook

Our FAQs and Cookbook examples provide a wide range of rapid-fire "HOWTOs" in question-and-answer format.

Security Bulletins

Our security bulletins explain any security issues and their solutions

(star) Other Resources

Books, articles, and presentations about Struts 2.

Excerpt Include

Community Wiki

The Struts 2 Community Wiki is an additional resource. It is not distributed with Struts 2, and contributions to the community wiki do not require a CLA.

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